Millennium Tax Services, LLC is located in the 'Lower' Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana 70117. We prepare, analyze, and submit Income Tax Returns for Low to Moderate Income Individuals and Small Businesses. Our Professional Income Tax Services guarantees 'your' Peace of Mind because we use all appropriate adjustments, deductions, and credits to keep our clients' taxes to a minimum. 

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We are in a New Millennium, and a New Age of 'Money' Awareness. It's Time to be Aware of Your Money, and how to make Your Tax Contributions work on Your behalf! Get serious about Your Money! 


* VISION: Empower Others through Education and Information about Money, Income Tax, and the Power of Small Business Investments. In other words, 'What Can You Do for Yourself?'


*  MISSION: Self-Empowerment through Self-Investment. Be Your Own Boss!


* OBJECTIVE: Educate and Empower through Money Keys and Self-Investment Ideas relevant to this Millennium.

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